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What started as a vision over 20 years  ago has now grown into a ministry that is reaching around the globe. Jane Morin is a well- known author, revivalist, teacher, mentor, inner healing & deliverance minister, worship artists and more! She has served as a short term missionary in Guatemala, Israel and with her husband Gaetan in Africa. Together, they have always had a dream to reach the world with the GOOD NEWS of Christ and to help others grow in their understanding of kingdom principles and promises! Thank you for stopping by our site and feel free to peruse our pages to learn more about this ministry, and to be uplifted and encouraged as we continue to reach this world for Christ!


Jane Morin is a award-winning author of over seven books and a contender for the faith, as well as a cheerleader for the CHURCH.  She is the host of Faith Watch, the founder of Jane Morin Evangelical Association, and she has traveled oversees sharing the hope of Jesus in Africa, Guatemala, Israel and coast to coast here in the United States. She loves the Lord and her exuberant passion to see others grow in Christ comes through her weekly message at Faith Watch!

Morin says, "My parents raised me along with three other siblings, two older and one younger –and all boys. I grew up in Choctaw, Oklahoma, which is  drastically different from all the places I have lived and visited across the globe from New York to California, Israel, Guatemala and Africa— and more. Oh, the stories that I could tell…but that is for another time. In 2010, I found my two half-sisters after searching for them most of my life. It has been a joy to get to know them and spend time together!

Being raised in an alcoholic abusive home I learned to be a people pleaser, and keep my mouth shut. Consequently, I suffered from high anxiety levels. At the tender age of almost sixteen, my oldest brother was killed and then three days later my mother shot my dad– then herself. My mother died. It wasn’t until then that I learned about the power of the WORD of God and perhaps that is why I LOVE GOD’S WORD so much!

After many years of trials and hardships, God also sent me a wonderful gift, as God gave me my best friend and husband Gaetan. God sure can turn things around for His good and for His glory!  I will always be grateful that God has given me a man with as much determination as myself to reach others for Jesus!

Through the years I have written and recorded many worship songs. Additionally I have obtained a license from IIFBC as a faith-based consultant. I have traveled the globe sharing the LOVE OF JESUS with anyone willing to listen, and I have learned to love others better. God is still showing me how to do that. I have written some books, mainly studies on God’s Word and my latest release, Struck Down but Not Destroyed which is a novel based on my life story.

Today, I am so grateful to be sharing hope with others whether it is on stage, in the market or in the street ---or behind a microphone in the studio. I just want you to know that JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH! He always has and always will! Your past does not define you if you belong to Him. If you want to know more about how much Jesus really loves you, call us at 800-880-3220 or send an email to jane@janemorin.com

Meanwhile, God bless you and remember this great truth; Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!"